She's marrying Steve


A woman gets invited to her ex-girlfriend's wedding to a man and decides to go. 

-22 minutes, USA, 2017-





20th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival 2018

Sunday April 8th, 1:45pm 

The Marquee, Union South 

Wisconsin's Own By the Dozen

Indy Film Fest

Two Screenings:

Sunday, April 29th and Friday May 4th

Tickets and Information

28th Annual Toronto LGBT Film Festival

May 24 to June 3, 2018

Houston, TX

April 2018

New Haven International Film Festival

Friday, May 4th - 7:45pm

Tickets and Information

North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

August 18-23

Three screenings.

Tickets and Information


Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival

Screening August 16th, 2018 at 1:40pm


Chicago, IL

September 22, 2018

3:15pm Landmark 6

WIN SOME, LOSE SOME - Shorts Program


Hong Kong

September, 2018

Out on Film


September, 2018

Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Tampa Bay, Florida

October 5-13, 2018

New York Short Film Festival 


6:30pm Nov 2, 2018

Cinema Village in Greenwich


Directors Circle Film Festival

November 8 -17, 2018

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Portland Film Festival

Portland, Oregon

Friday October 26th, 2pm

LGBT Feedback Festival

Toronto, Canada

Thursday, February 28, 2019


The Carlton Cinemas 


Awards & Nominations 

Winner, Best Performances and Best Music - 2019 LGBTQ Toronto Film Festival

Winner, Best Short Film - 2018 Queer Hippo International LGBT Film Festival 

Nominated, Golden Badger Award - 20th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival

Nominated, Jessica Cummings, Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film | Amsterdam IFF 2018

Nominated, Erika Kramer, Best Director of a Short Film | Amsterdam IFF 2018

Semi-Finalist, Sydney Indie Film Festival 2018

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Nice International Film Festival
May 11th-18th 2019